Invite to Write – Similies

Last week we learned about similes in Literacy.  Write a short descriptive paragraph about the picture below using at least three similes. Think about the five senses!

Image result for dark mystical


2 thoughts on “Invite to Write – Similies

  1. Louis e

    The woman in a dark grey skirt gave the little girl called Sarah the mysterious orb of Ra, it’s light glowing like a giant candle in the night sky . The orb was like a ball of plasma and could allow her to shape shift into anything

    By Louis e


  2. Estella

    In the woods as black as soot, a lady at in a black dress handed an orb as bright as the sun to a little girl. It was blinding and as hot as a scorching fire.The girl was patient and waited till the lady was finished explaining. “This will help you get home but don’t use it for anything else”. And with that the girl was home in minutes to her family.


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