Half Term Challenge

After half term we will be looking at poetry in literacy, and writing our own Autumn poems.

Your challenge is to find a poem about nature, seasons or the outdoors that you like and bring it in to share with the class.

I can’t wait to see what you find!


This week in 5CV

We’ve had a great week to close the term, with the children working hard to finish their presentations on Herne Hill. A selection were displayed in the Sports Hall on Friday as part of the school project about the local area.

In maths this week we revisited column addition and subtraction, also tackling investigations and word problems.

In literacy we began designing our own Iron Man theme parks, learning how to use persuasive writing to entice visitors!  We had rollercoasters coming out of the Iron Man’s ears, ferris wheels for eyes as well as many other fantastical inventions.

After half term each class will be doing a forest school day in Sydenham Woods, keep an eye on the blog for more details.

Well done to everyone who dressed up today, we will let you know when the final fundraising amount has been calculated. All proceeds will go towards forest school.

Have a lovely half term break. I look forward to seeing you all on Monday October 31st!

We invite you to see our work about Herne Hill!

Throughout the past few weeks the children have been thinking about their local community and our local area.  As part of this we have produced some fantastic learning across the whole school and this will be on display for parents to come and see this Friday in the Sports Hall between 2.50 and 3.20.
Each year group will have a stall which will feature some of our fantastic learning and it is a great opportunity to learn about what your child has been doing and also to see what the other classes in the school have been learning about as well.  It also has been fantastic hearing the children’s opinions about their local community.

This week in 5CV

We’ve had another busy week in year five!

This week in maths we’ve been learning mental strategies to help us with addition and subtraction, including working out change from £20 and £50!

In literacy we have been writing a descriptive paragraph about capturing a monster.  This was inspired by The Iron Man being captured by a young boy called Hogarth. We have also been learning how to edit our own work, working with our partner to improve our spelling, punctuation and sentence structure.

In project we continued with our presentations on Herne Hill. Make sure you come in next Friday to see some of our work!

In art we have been continuing with practising line making.  We drew an object in the classroom using different pencils and lines.

In PSHE we talked about how it can feel to be embarrassed and shared some stories of when we have felt embarrassed and how we dealt with it.

Next week

Next week in maths we will be learning column addition and column subtraction.

In literacy we will be finishing our unit on the Iron Man, learning about persuasive writing.

In project we will be finishing our presentations.