This week in 5CV

We’ve had a fantastic first week back, making good use of the beautiful Autumn landscape in Brockwell Park to inspire us in English. We’ve started writing Autumn poems (and I must say they are very impressive!), and we will be finishing them next week as well as performing them to put on the blog.

In maths we revisited rounding and tackled some word problems. Next week we will be looking at mental strategies for multiplication and division.

In project we started Sex and Relationships Education. If children have any questions about what they have learned in the lesson, they can write them down and pop them in the postbox in their classroom. We also encourage children to talk to parents at home about what has been covered in the lesson.

A gentle reminder that we will be going to Sydenham Woods next Tuesday.  Please make sure all forms are returned by Monday.

Home Learning

Learning spellings

Practicing 7x table for test on Friday

Commenting on “Invite To Write” blog posts


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Vincett


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