This week in 5CV

The first week back after the Christmas holidays has been a fun but tiring one.

We have done some fun team builders to get to know our new teams.

In Maths we continued with learning about line graphs and even wrote our own stories to show what someone’s bank account over a year would look like on a line graph.

In Literacy we have written a poem about the colour red.  5CV were very creative and covered all sorts of ideas such as love, hate, anger and ketchup!  Please do have a read of some of them if you come in to class in the mornings.

This week we also got started on planning our class assembly, which is on Tuesday 17th January at 9:30am.  We have a few surprises in store for you so please do come along if you can.

Next week in class

  1. Maths – we are starting our unit on fractions.  I will be posting some videos in the coming weeks about the different things we will be learning about fractions
  2. English – we are starting work on a book called ‘The Unforgotten Coat’.  It is about a boy from Mongolia who comes to live in the U.K.  It is a great book so hopefully the children will love it.

Have a great weekend

Mrs V


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