This Week in 5CV by Teo

In English we started reading The Un-forgotten Coat.  It is about two brothers that arrive at school in England from Mongolia.  We wrote an argument dialogue based on the point in the book when Chingis (the main character) starts to have an argument with Mrs Spendlove (the class teacher) about the fact his brother, Nergui, is in the wrong class and is also wearing a hat in the classroom.

In Maths we have started working on fractions, this will be a 5 week topic and at the end we will be doing a test to see how much we have learned.  So far we have looked at comparing fractions and equivalent fractions.

On Thursday we had a lesson on E-Safety and our responsibilities both on and off line.

For P.E. we began our unit on gymnastics ans created our own routines.

Exclusive to this week, we have been practising our class assembly.  Don’t forget it is on Tuesday 17 January (next week!)  DON’T MISS IT!

Next week in class

Maths – continuing with our fractions topic (ordering and improper fractions)

English – Writing a non-chronological report on Mongolia

Have a fabulous weekend and wrap up warm!

Mrs V


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