Invite to Write: Ancient Egypt

This term we’ve started a new project – Ancient Egypt!

The teachers in year five would like to know what you already know about the subject, and also any burning questions you have that we can help answer. Post your facts and questions below!

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6 thoughts on “Invite to Write: Ancient Egypt

  1. Teo

    I Know…
    Tutankhamen was the most famous Egyptian.
    The more respected Egyptians were mummified, Put in a coffin and put in a pyramid with their pets.
    They wrote in hieroglyphs.
    Pharos have a cobra on their crown.

    I want to know…
    All about Tutankhamen.
    I want to be reassured that we won’t have to watch a video of someone being mummified.
    Egyptian weddings


  2. Estella

    Tutankhamens tomb was the last to be discovered in The Valley of Kings on the 27th of November 1922# Howard Carter discovered it # facts🤓😎
    The ancient Egyptians took out all the organs and wrapped them in bandages in a service called mummification to let them live on in the after life😫😫💩
    Most of the time, people would kill the servant of the King that died so that they could serve that him in the afterlife#commited for life 😵
    People believe that Tutankhamens tomb carries a curse !!!!!!!😱😱


  3. Aishah

    I know that there were pyramids that slaves built 😀 And that they mummified people so they do ld go to the afterlife 😱😱😱😭😭🤑


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