This week in 5CV

In Maths this week we have started our unit on decimals, thinking about when we use decimal numbers in every day life e.g. time (10.89 seconds) measurement (8.5 kg) and of course money (£2.59).  At the moment we are learning about the value of each decimal number such as in the number 0.59 the value of the 5 is 5/10 and the value of the 9 is 9/100.

In Literacy we learned about relative clauses in a sentence and how a relative clause can be taken out of a sentence and it will still make sense.  Next week we will begin our book for this term ‘The Man Who Walked Between The Towers.’

On Thursday we had an entire day of learning about Ancient Egypt.  We mixed the classes up and the learned about pyramids, mummification and hieroglyphics.  Next week we will be making our Tutankhamen masks.

In Art we are beginning to get somewhere with our portraits and they will be ready for display next Friday.

Next week in class

Maths – place value and ordering and comparing decimals (mixed timestables)

English – The man who walked between the towers


Next week is World Book Week.  There are many things we will be doing as a school such as; independent reading time, the children can get sponsored for reading and the money goes to a really worthwhile cause and of course dress up day on Thursday.  Also on Tuesday 28 February there is book themed bake off.  Feel free to bake some cakes and enter them in to the competition.

Have a fab weekend!

Mrs V



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